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AAC block plant's advantages for construction

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It's easy to buy blocks. Why establish AAC block production plant?

Because AAC brick have many advantages, have market competitiveness also, aspects as follows:

Frist, AAC brick production process, raw materials are plentiful such as : flyash, coal gangue, slag, ceramsite, perlite, sand, stone powder, shale, clay, construction waste, etc.

Second, look at production capacity, capacity from 30000m3 to 300000m3, even more bigger.

Even more, as raw materials, flyash, construction waste are the "number one killer" that seriously occupies land resources and pollutes the environment. Therefore, reuse these as raw materials of AAC plant, to reach effection of the energy saving and environmental protection.

Construction waste is a relatively hard waste cause great waste of resources. Reuse materials in AAC plant, reduce waste of resources, it's a very environmentally friendly way. Therefore, the AAC plant has great product advantages.

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