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Qunfeng Machinery takes the initiative to develop the overseas market in the post-epidemic era

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In the beautiful northern Pacific coast of Central America, a new Supersonic" QS1300 Fully Automatic Block Making Plant with Curing Rack is officially put into operation.

Project site

The production line is located in the volcanic country of El Salvador, which borders Guatemala and Honduras and is the smallest but the most densely populated country in Central America.

In August 2018, El Salvador formally established diplomatic ties with China, and three months later the two countries signed 13 cooperation agreements including the “Memorandum of Understanding on Belt and Road Cooperation” to strengthen the cooperation in investment, trade, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism, culture, science and technology. At present, China mainly exports mechanical and electrical products, plastic products, machinery and appliances to El Salvador.

Since the establishment of the diplomatic ties, China and El Salvador have actively carried out high-level exchanges and interactions. A series of projects such as the National Library, the National Stadium, the Lalibertade Pier and the water supply of Lake Ilopango are all under way. These projects have not only improved the well-being of the people in El Salvador, but also greatly boosted the development of the local infrastructure market.

As a service provider of building materials and equipment, Qunfeng Machinery set up its first concrete products production line in Central America 18 years ago, which made local building materials business owners see the manufacturing advantages of Chinese equipment, and subsequently more and more Qunfeng equipment got "settled" in the local area. After the epidemic, Qunfeng Machinery took the initiative again to actively develop the local market and understand local customer needs, and facilitated this cooperation.

This is the first time for this local customer to purchase the concrete products line of Qunfeng Machinery. Before that, the custormer already had a concrete brick production line, but the molding speed was slow and could not keep up with the market demand. Therefore, the customer attaches great importance to the technology and efficiency of the new production line.

He said: "Until now, Qunfeng Machinery's products and services have been deeply rooted in the local market. The choice of Qunfeng Machinery is based on the recognition and trust of Qunfeng brand. Qunfeng’s‘Supersonic’equipment showed outstanding qualities such as high efficiency and high quality performance, we are very satisfied and feel assured! At the same time, Qunfeng global professional services also allow us have no worries!"

Customer group Photo

As the gradual recovery of international markets, Qunfeng will continue to intensify our efforts to "go global", actively connect with our customers, further understand their needs in the "post-pandemic era", and provide highly matched service solutions.

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