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The Globalization manfacturing System

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With a total investment of 450 million RMB, Qunfeng establish "Fujian Qunfeng Machinery Co., Ltd." and Qunfeng Industrial Park "in Nan" an Binjiang equipment manufacturing base in 2008, which has started a brand new intelligent era. The industrial park occupies a total of 215,000 square meters with the overall floor area amounts to 145,000 square meters. Taking advantage of its strong financial power, Qunfeng has introduced different kinds of domestic and overseas advanced processing equipment including the CNC processing center, welding robot, fully-automated heat treatment equipment, laser cutting machine and the CNC plasma flame-cutting machine. With constant innovation, cooperation with top international suppliers, and integration of global high-quality resources, Qunfeng has become an intelligent, technological and eco-friendly pioneer in the field of China building material machinery field with its superb and advanced product design, strong and powerful product quality as well as dedicated and sincere service.

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