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Sri Lanka-Fully Automatic Concrete Products Production Line


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Production site: Sri Lanka

Equipment configuration: QS1300 automatic concrete products production line

Project introduction:

The client is a local building materials supplier in Sri Lanka, involved in the construction of the Colombo Port Terminal Project, the capital's main port. The project, with a duration of 36 months, entails the construction of approximately 720 meters of dock shoreline, a 600,000 square meter yard, and other associated facilities. Upon receiving the client's order, Qunfeng promptly mobilized a skilled technical team to tackle technical challenges, optimizing and customizing equipment components to adapt to the hot and humid natural environment and harsh working conditions in the locality. After nearly 2 months of installation and debugging, Qunfeng's technical team completed the design optimization and production delivery as scheduled.

In September 2023, the QS1300 concrete product forming machine production line, designed, manufactured, and provided with full installation and training services by Qunfeng, was officially put into operation in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. It steadily supplies block building materials for port construction projects in the Colombo area, effectively supporting Sri Lanka's infrastructure upgrades.


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