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Central America: QUNFENG completed its first regional after-sale service case in 2022

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Recently, QUNFENG’s technical supporting group arrived in Central America and completed its first after-sale service case in 2022 in this region. 

QUNFENG: production site in Central America41

QUNFENG: production site in Central America

The local customer introduced the QFT10-15 concrete block production line in 2014. With the continuously expanded production scale, the customer further purchased two "Supersonic" QS1300 Automatic Concrete Block Production Lines to supply high-quality concrete blocks for the local area.

QUNFENG: group photo with local customers and QUNFENG engineers0118QUNFENG: group photo with local customers and QUNFENG engineers02

QUNFENG: group photo with local customers and QUNFENG engineers

Central America is a narrow land strip connecting South America and North America, and is also the birthplace of Mayan culture. Its maritime transport is developed, its economy is dominated by agriculture, its industry is  based on light industry, especially food industry, and most of them are small enterprises. Influenced by historical reasons, in Central America, where Spanish is the official language, the machinery and equipment needed for industrial production are basically monopolized by Spanish equipment, and building materials machinery is no exception. The Spanish equipment is expensive, long after-sales service cycle, which is not conducive to the building materials production enterprises that want to achieve profits quickly. As a result, when the first concrete block production lines landed in Central America, local building materials business owners  sees more alternatives to Spanish equipment. Until now, the products and services of QUNFENG Machinery have been deeply rooted in the local market, and through word of mouth, the company has gained batches of loyal customers, some of whom have purchased QUNFENG building materials equipment for many times due to expansion needs, and have maintained a long-term friendly cooperative relationship.

Topographic map of Central America

During this trip to Central America, QUNFENG after-sales technical group will cover nearly 10 countries and regions, their mission includes the installation of several large automatic concrete block production lines, automatic concrete block production lines with racks and maintenance visits to several old customers. QUNFENG has provided service for more than 9000 customers in 112 countries and regions around the world, promising to provide customers with efficient after-sales service, and is committed to the peak service throughout the product life cycle, to create more value for customers.

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