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China Smart Block Palletizer

This cuber system is suitable for stacking cured blocks. Generally, it is set independently near the curing yard, and the cured products can be stacked on the spot. It also can be connected directly with block production line to realize the online cuber.

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  • Descending Model Automatic Cuber System


Product Description

Technical data

Operational  Height (mm)


Pallet Specification (mm)

Length:1100   Width:560-950

Maximum Weight for Each Pallet with Blocks (kg)


Cubing Specification (mm)

1000×1000 and 1200×1200

Height of Cuber (mm)


Unloading Height (mm)


Block Height (mm)


Cycling Time (s)


Collecting Pallet Height (mm)


Power (kW)


Descending Model Automatic Cuber System

1.Block UnloadingConveyor      2.Block Unloading Machine(two pallets)      3.Composite Conveyor     4.Block Pushing Machine       5. Pallet Receiving Machine       6.Pallet Receiving Conveyor     7.Cuber Tray (transferring holes reserved)      8.Cuber Conveyor      9.Low Position Cuber    10.Control System      【Optional:11.Pallet Brushing Machine      12.Pallet Turnover Machine       13.Oiling Machine    14.Tray Bin      15.Pallet Conveyor        16.Pallet Return Conveyor        17.Plate Conveyor     18.Operating Platform 】                                                      

Main technical features

1. This cuber system has wide applicability to pallets of various specifications. Different types of blocks can be separated with pallets and rearranged, and be stacked cross-typed into requried cube. And the holes for forklift transport can be reserved automatically.
2.  After stacking, the whole cube will be sent out by conveyor, and can be packed manually or packed by automatic wrapping machine.
3. Blocks can be stacked with or without tray.
4. Automatic operation can be realized through the real-time and fast data exchange of Ethernet, and high-end intelligent sensors.
Besides, the control system can realize automatic fault alarm, automatic machine fault stop and prompt the cause of the fault, so trobleshooting can be easily realized without professional personnel.

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