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Economical Block Cuber

Independent cuber system is a special cuber system developed by us aiming at the high labor intensity and low production efficiency of the finished bricks in the present simple block production line. In general, the system is placed independently near the curing field to cuber the cured blocks, but it can be also connected directly with block production line to realize online cuber (in this situation, it is recommended to adopt the automatic mode).

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  • Independent Cuber System


Product Description

Independent Cuber System1193

①Block unloading conveyor  ②Block unloading machine  ③Pitch conveyor  ④Plate turnover machine  ⑤Marshalling system  ⑥Stacking and dividing brick platform  

⑦Plate receiving machine  ⑧Plate receiving conveyor   ⑨Cuber   ⑩Tank chain conveyor   ⑪Hydraulic system  ⑫Control system

1)Independent Cuber System is specially researched and developed for solving the problem that cured blocks in simple production line require manual cuber, which is of heavy labour intensity but low production efficiency,. Normally, this system is separately placed near the curing field to cuber the cured blocks, but it can be also connected directly with block production line to realize online cuber (in this situation it is suggested to adopt automatic mode): It is composed of automatic block unloading machine, chain conveyor , brick pusher, pallet collector, automatic turntable, cuber and non-tray conveyor.

2)This cuber system can separate and regroup different block types, and finally form the required square stacks for cross stacking, and automatically generate fork brick hole positions according to the needs. After stacking, blocks can be output by tank chain conveyor and can be packed manually or packed by automatic baling machine.

The whole system adopts PLC+ touch screen control. Real-time and fast data exchange is realized through Ethernet, and unmanned automatic operation is realized with high-end intelligent sensors. In case of failure, the machine will stop automatically, alarm and display the location of the fault, and the fault can be easily removed without professional technicians.

Name of parameter

Parameter values

The whole line cover area (mm)

18500×11800(Equipment working height 6800)

Applicable pallet specification (mm)


Cuber specifications (mm)

1000×1000×1200; 1200×1200×1200

Adapting block height (mm)


Cubering cycle time (s)


Cubering deviation (mm)


Collecting plate height (mm)


Power of whole line (kW)  



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