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New-type Paver Laying Machine

New-type Paver Laying Machine is suitable for the pavement, tree lawn, garden trails, squares and other places to pave concrete paver brick, water permeable pavement, sintering brick road brick, etc..Laying brick types are including L pattern, herringbone pattern, linear pattern and fancy double linear pattern and so on. It can easily to work 400 ~ 500 square meters of paving per day, which is an ideal machine for municipal engineering and garden construction.

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  • New-type Paver Laying Machine


Product Description

Technical data

Rating Power

3.85 KW

Max. Laying Width

4200 mm

Min. Laying Width

2000 mm

Moving Speed

0.1~4 m/min

Speed for Feeding Conveyor

15~25 m/min

Stroke of Grader Structure

150 mm

Driving Power

AC 220V

Dimension (L*W*H)

6128×2900×2032 mm

Rating Load Weight

2 T

Machine Weight

≈2.5 T

This Paver Laying Machine is researched and developed by our company, which is based on introducing the Germany advanced experience, with the feature of compact structure,easy disassembly and shipping, wide usage, saving time and labor with high efficiency while low labor intensity. This machine is suitable for laying the sidewalk, greenbelt, park footpath, communities, and squares. It can lay the concrete pavers, permeable pavers and sintering pavers etc with the shape of L, Herring bone.

The daily laying capacity can reach 400-500 square meter, it is the ideal necessary machine for municipal project and construction of landscape architecture.

Rubber track chassis

High-accuracy Track sensor

Transimission System

Paver Feeding Conveyor

On Working Site


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