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Russia-Ukraine Conflict: QUNFENG obtained orders from the Russian Far East

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As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine getting more and more protracted, sanctions imposed by the United States and other Western countries on Russia have become worse. Some European and American enterprises have been forced to terminate their trade with Russia, covering all aspects of the national economy and people's livelihood. Because Russia's industrial structure is not complete that the local machinery and equipment are largely dependent on imports, the sanctions have greatly affected the stability of Russia's national economy. In March 2022, Russia's Sakhalin Energy provided the first batch of liquefied natural gas to Asia since the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a number of energy agreements with China, Russia's local manufacturing industry also started to find Chinese machinery manufacturer and the replacement of western brands.

QUNFENG Machinery has been engaged in the field of building materials machinery for many years, and has many core technologies. It enjoys a good reputation in the industry. Therefore, many Russian customers contacted QUNFENG Machinery for potential cooperations. Recently, QUNFENG Machinery has received several orders from the Russian Far East. The "Supersonic" 2.0 series QS1300 Fully-Automatic Block Making Plant ordered by the customer is equipped with a color mixing system, which is mainly used for the production of mixed color bricks, paving stones and curb stones.

Supersonic 2.0 series QS1300 advanced servo block machine

"Supersonic" 2.0 series  QS1300 advanced servo block machine

This color mixing system, independently developed by QUNFENG Machinery, can produce mixed color bricks whose surface layer is mixed by a variety of colors. Compared with similar equipment in the market, it adopts automatic pigment weighing, multiple mixing, quantitative fabric and other technologies, making products rich in color, color mixing effect more natural and beautiful.

Mixed color brick produced by Supersonic 2.0 series QS1300 advanced servo block machine 3Mixed color brick produced by Supersonic 2.0 series QS1300 advanced servo block machine 2Mixed color brick produced by Supersonic 2.0 series QS1300 advanced servo block machine 1

Mixed color brick produced by "Supersonic" 2.0 series  QS1300 advanced servo block machine  

The Russian customer said that in the past, Russian building materials machinery has traditionally used German equipment, but now due to the impact of the international situation, the import of German equipment is blocked, so they began to seek more possibilities. After comparing the similar products from Germany and China, they were surprised to find that QUNFENG Machinery's intelligent brick machine equipment has surpassed its German counterparts in brick making speed and product quality, but the price is less than a quarter of its.

Far East Client Company activity silhouette

Far East Client Company activity silhouette

"Maybe this crisis is also a turning point for us," said the Russian customer. "It gives us access to excellent Chinese equipment with good quality, good service and low price, which can greatly reduce our cost, and the follow-up maintenance is also very convenient."

In recent years, national brands are rising rapidly with the improvement of the overall strength of the country's manufacturing industry. Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Haier, Midea, Gree, Great Wall, Chery and Geely all have a large share in Russia. This is inseparable from the state's attention to and training of technological innovation ability of enterprises. QUNFENG Machinery, as a national specialized and innovative “Little Giant” enterprise and national intellectual property advantage enterprise, has successfully developed the stone imitation floor tile molding machine to the successful production of 900 tons of solid waste environmental protection brick static pressing machine. The "Supersonic" 2.0 series Intelligent Brick Machine has been upgraded from efficiency, energy consumption and other aspects, and always maintains a high vitality of innovation output. It is winning the favor of more and more international customers.

As the trade ties between China and Russia grow closer, there is an enlarging market for Chinese national brands For the friendly cooperation between the two countries in the future, QUNFENG Machinery will be ready to make more efforts and contributions with more than 20 years of experience in serving more than 9000 customers around the world.

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