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Qunfeng successfully delivered the production line to Sri Lanka, contributing to the construction of the capital port.

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In September 2023, the QS1300 automatic block production line, designed, manufactured, and provided with full installation and training services by Qunfeng, was officially put into use in Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. This production line will participate in the construction of ports in the Colombo area, vigorously supporting the upgrading of infrastructure in Sri Lanka. 


Installation site of Qunfeng concrete products production line in Sri Lanka (Source: Qunfeng)

Significant advancement happens in Sri Lanka's infrastructure and Qunfeng contributes to the construction of Colombo’s new city .

Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean,south of the South Asian subcontinent, with Colombo as its capital. Its economy is mainly based on plantation industries, with a weak industrial foundation. In September 2014, President XiJinping visited Sri Lanka, and the construction of the "Belt and Road" between China and Sri Lanka stepped onto a new level. Over the past decade, many Chinese companies have gone to Sri Lanka, taking advantage of the policy advantages of the "Belt and Road", they have launched many energy and infrastructure projects locally.

The particular project served by Qunfeng Equipment is the Colombo Terminal Project in Sri Lanka. The duration of this project is 36 months. The project includes the construction of approximately 720 meters of terminal shoreline, a 600,000-square-meter storage yard and other ancillary facilities.


Colombo Terminal in Sri Lanka under construction (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

After cultivating the south Asian market for 19 years,Qunfeng has won high-quality orders for its strength. 

Qunfeng Machinery's expansion into the South Asian market can be traced back to 2004. After years of cultivation, many brick-making production lines have been put into operation in the region. Qunfeng has been involved in many large-scale infrastructure projects, and it has a good market reputation in the local area. After numerous comparisons, Qunfeng's equipment has leading advantages in overall design, processing capabilities, assembly technology, etc., winning high recognition from customers and ultimately successfully signing an order.


Installation site of Qunfeng concrete products production line (Source: Qunfeng)

Through Technical breakthrough and equipment optimization, Qunfeng completed product delivery on schedule.

Sri Lanka is located in the tropics, with heavy rainfall and humid climate, and the highest temperature in summer can reach 31.3°C. Such a hot and humid environment poses serious challenges to the normal operation of equipment. In order to ensure that the project can be completed with high quality and a short construction period, after receiving the customer's order, Qunfeng immediately organized a elite technical team to carry out technical breakthrouth and optimize and customize the equipment components in the plan to adapt to the hot and humid natural environment. After nearly 2 months of installation and debugging, the Qunfeng team finally completed design optimization and production delivery as scheduled in September.


Engineer Zhang from Qunfeng provides technical training on equipment to customers (Source: Qunfeng)

The equipment exported to Sri Lanka this time is a fully automatic block production line independently developed and manufactured by Qunfeng. As a product loved by customers, the core of it is the QS series concrete product forming machine, which has the following advantages:

  • The core system adopts a high-efficiency servo vibration system with strong power and fast product molding;

  • Equipped with imported material shock-absorbing pads and air bag clamps, which can reduce shock and noise during operation and extend the service life of molds and equipment;

  • Using Qunfeng brick machine mold and fabric system, it is denser and brighter than conventional blocks.


High-quality building blocks produced by Qunfeng Equipment (Source: Qunfeng)

With the gradual implementation of the Belt and Road national infrastructure plan, Chinese overseas contract projects are steadily advancing, and the export demand for domestic concrete product molding machines, domestic excavators, mixer trucks, pump trucks, and dump trucks is increasing. Qunfeng will seize this opportunity, adhere to a rigorous service attitude, and efficient service level, to help Sri Lanka complete the upgrade of infrastructure, winning more applause and cheers on the international brick equipment stage.

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