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"BRICS Special Issue" report: Qunfeng has made remarkable achievements in the African market

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On August 22, 2023, a column report titled "The expansion of Chinese machinery companies promotes the development of China-Africa's "Belt and Road Initiative" was published in the BRIC special issue of China Daily. Taking Qunfeng's deep expansion into the African market as an example, highly praised the contribution of Chinese machinery and equipment enterprises in the construction of infrastructure in Africa.

In-depth report by China Daily, Qunfeng was widely praised by African customers

The report pointed out that Qunfeng, as a representative of a well-known machinery and equipment company, actively responded to the national initiative of the Belt and Road Initiative. In recent years, it has actively participated in the construction of landmark projects in various parts of Africa. The equipment has been widely used in Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Mozambique and other African countries. . In the high-end building materials and machinery markets in North Africa and South Africa, Qunfeng has long occupied a leading position in the market, made outstanding contributions to the infrastructure construction in Africa, won wide acclaim from African customers, and built a good reputation for Chinese brands.


At the BRICS summit venue, guests and journalists from various countries read relevant reports. (Source: China Daily)

"BRICS Special Issue" is a special of China Daily for the fifteenth meeting of BRICS leaders. It mainly shows the important activities in various fields of the BRICS cooperation mechanism, which is of great significance to the development of the world economy. Loved by millions of readers at home and abroad. As a representative of Chinese private enterprises, Qunfeng was published in China Daily's "BRIC Special Issue", which not only demonstrated the strong strength of Qunfeng as a leading enterprise in China's machinery and equipment, but also greatly affirmed the influence of Qunfeng's brand.


On August 22, China Daily’s BRICS special issue published a report entitled “The Expansion of China Machinery Corporation Promotes the Development of China-Africa “Belt and Road”” (Source: China Daily)

"BRICS Empowerment" Peaks Take the East Wind to Deeply Expand the African Market

According to "CCTV Finance", the 15th BRICS leaders' meeting was held in South Africa from August 22 to 24. This BRICS summit focused on how to integrate the BRICS mechanism more closely with the African continent and provide a basis for The three-day in-depth meeting was launched to provide new impetus for the development of Africa's economy, trade and regional economic integration. The heads of state of China and South Africa jointly witnessed the signing of 11 cooperation documents, reaffirming that Africa is China's friendly partner and China-Africa cooperation is mutually beneficial and win-win. In building a new "dual cycle" development pattern, Africa is of great significance to China's development. With the focus on Africa at home and abroad, Qunfeng as a representative of domestic machinery and equipment enterprises, will also take advantage of the "BRICS Conference" to accelerate its expansion in the African market.


The 15th BRICS leaders’ meeting was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from August 22 to 24 (Source: Xinhua News Agency)

28 years of deep cultivation in Africa's peaks, contributing to Africa's infrastructure construction

Since Qunfeng entered the African market in 2002, Qunfeng has expanded its trade territory from Mali to every corner of Africa. As of 2023, Qunfeng has provided strong equipment support for the infrastructure construction of dozens of African countries and regions, and has accumulated a good reputation.


Fujian Qunfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. (Source: Qunfeng)

Qunfeng's success in the African market is inseparable from equipment with superior performance and professional after-sales service. Over the years, Qunfeng has established close cooperative relationships with dozens of African customers, actively listens to their needs, customizes products according to local conditions, and provides professional after-sales services. Excellent product quality and positive cooperative attitude have laid a solid foundation for Qunfeng to gain the trust of African customers and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. It has also accumulated a good market reputation for Chinese companies to expand in the African market.


Engineer Xue from Qunfeng conducts professional technical training for African customers (Source: Qunfeng)

It is precisely because of years of word-of-mouth accumulation in the field of machinery and equipment that Qunfeng stands out from many private manufacturing companies and has become a representative of Chinese machinery and equipment in African private companies. Africa is the continent that this BRICS conference focuses on, and it is also the continent where many developing countries gather. Next, Qunfeng will take this honor as an opportunity to play its role as a benchmark private enterprise in the machinery and equipment industry, and inject Qunfeng's strength into African infrastructure.

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