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Building "Belt and Road", Qunfeng Deeply Recognized by Bangladeshi Customers

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According to China International Online, Bangladeshi Minister of Commerce Dibu Mengshen stated in an interview with reporters that the "Belt and Road" initiative is a very important opportunity for Bangladesh. He looks forward to continued cooperation between China and Bangladesh in various fields within the framework of the "Belt and Road" initiative. Since China and Bangladesh signed the cooperation agreement under the "Belt and Road" initiative, core infrastructure projects such as the Padma Bridge have progressed smoothly, and Chinese construction materials, equipment, and technical expertise have begun to enter the Bangladeshi market. Seizing this opportunity, Qunfeng Machinery stood out among many manufacturers with its high-quality concrete block production line solution, winning the trust of Bangladeshi customers and signing equipment import orders with multiple local customers.


Bangladeshi Minister of Commerce, Dibu Mengshen, accepts an interview with reporters


Padma Bridge Project

Years of Deep Cultivation in Bangladesh, Qunfeng's Strength Attracts Customer Attention

Bangladesh, located on the Indian subcontinent, has a land area of less than 200,000 square kilometers and a population of nearly 200 million, making it the most populous and densely populated region in the world. It also generates a large demand for infrastructure construction. Qunfeng has been deeply cultivating the South Asian market for many years, with its brand radiation extending from the eastern coast of the Bay of Bengal to the Arabian Sea. Qunfeng's market expansion in Bangladesh can be traced back to 2004, and it has now put into production multiple fully automatic concrete production lines for concrete products in the local area.




Bangladesh-Qunfeng Fully Automatic Concrete Product Production Line

Bangladesh's infrastructure construction is relatively backward. In order to solve the problem of inadequate infrastructure for economic development, since the "Belt and Road" initiative, the Bangladeshi government has vigorously developed infrastructure construction. To seize this opportunity, a Bangladeshi customer hopes to introduce a high-performance concrete prefabricated equipment into this wave of infrastructure boom. Thanks to Qunfeng's good reputation and brand appeal in the local area, the customer has a strong interest in Qunfeng's products. After comparing many international manufacturers, the high level of overall design, processing capacity, and assembly process of Qunfeng equipment has won high recognition from customers, and the two sides have successfully signed equipment import orders.

Resolving Customer Worries, Providing High-Quality and Efficient Services

The equipment purchased by the customer this time is the "Supersonic" QS1300 brick production line. After receiving the order, Qunfeng engineers immediately began to design the production line solution. After on-site inspections by the Qunfeng technical team, the motor and hydraulic components in the plan were optimized and customized to enhance the equipment's heat dissipation capability to adapt to Bangladesh's climate characteristics of high temperature and heavy rainfall throughout the year.


Bangladesh-Qunfeng QS1300 Concrete Product Production Line

The frame structure of the QS1300 concrete product molding machine produced by Qunfeng adopts 50mm high-quality Mn alloy structural steel plate. After overall welding, it undergoes processes such as shot blasting rust removal and stress relief welding to ensure the overall frame structure is strong and tough. The main vibration table of the host adopts ultra-high-toughness military alloy material, and the components undergo "special" welding and heat treatment to ensure its strength, toughness, and durability. Qunfeng's high-quality equipment perfectly fits the characteristics of Bangladesh's infrastructure projects, such as short construction period, high production capacity, and high operating temperature, winning the trust and respect of customers.


Bangladesh QS1300 Concrete Product Production Line by Qunfeng

After more than a month of overtime work by the Qunfeng technical team, the equipment installation of the production line has been completed, and equipment commissioning is steadily underway. The high-quality concrete product production equipment produced by Qunfeng has undergone careful debugging before leaving the factory and commissioning to ensure that the equipment is in the best working condition when officially put into operation, escorting the customer's production capacity upgrade.


Bangladesh QS1300 Concrete Product Production Line by Qunfeng

"Reputation Comes from Quality, Strength Wins Trust." Qunfeng's multiple orders from Bangladeshi customers over nearly 20 years fully demonstrate the trust of foreign customers in Qunfeng Machinery's technical strength and equipment quality. Under the grand strategy of the national "Belt and Road", Qunfeng Machinery will continue to uphold a rigorous service attitude and efficient service level, helping Bangladesh complete infrastructure upgrades and allowing Qunfeng Machinery to win more applause and applause on the international stage of building materials machinery equipment industry.

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