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One of the first in the field! Qunfeng Machinery has been granted the 'Patent Pre-examiner Training Base' plaque.

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Government-enterprise cooperation, Qunfeng was granted a plaque by the Intellectual Property Center

In order to give full play to the functions and talent advantages of the national intellectual property protection center, promote patent pre-examination, improve quality and efficiency, and contribute to enterprise innovation and development, on September 5, Chen Wenqin, deputy director of the Quanzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center, and his delegation visited Fujian Qunfeng Machinery to carry out the patent pre-examination practice base plaque granting ceremony,also known as the patent pre-examination practice activities.


Xu Jinshan, Chairman of Qunfeng Machinery, led a delegation from the Quanzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center to visit Qunfeng’s workshop (Source: Qunfeng)

At the event, Chen Wenqin, deputy director of the Quanzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center, and Huang Keyong, a member of the Party Leadership Group of the Nan'an Municipal Administration for Market Regulation, jointly awarded the plaque to Qunfeng Machinery. The patent pre-examination practice base is the Quanzhou Intellectual Property Protection Center's response to the rapid development of intellectual property rights by key enterprises. Collaborate with protection needs, improve the efficiency of pre-trial work, and take the lead in exploring and establishing a service position in Quanzhou City. This award marks that Qunfeng has become the first batch of patent pre-examination practice bases in Quanzhou City, and also puts Qunfeng Machinery at the forefront of the industry in Quanzhou's municipal-enterprise cooperation.


On September 5, the "Patent Preliminary Examiner Practice Base" awarding ceremony was held at Fujian Qunfeng Machinery Co., Ltd. (Source: Qunfeng)

Cooperate and communicate to build a growth ladder

After the awarding ceremony, Huang Jiazhong, director of Qunfeng Machinery and Building Materials Machinery Research Institute, gave a special explanation to the pre-reviewers on the technical composition, technical principles, technical difficulties, and technical parameters of vibration forming brick making machines, imitation stone forming machines and other products. Subsequently, Chen Wenqin, deputy director of the Quanzhou Intellectual Property Center, and his delegation went to Qunfeng Machinery Production Workshop for on-site observation, to gain a close understanding of the technology R&D and production process, and to conduct face-to-face communication and exchanges with on-site technicians to deepen their understanding of professional technical knowledge.

In addition, the pre-examiners of the Quanzhou Intellectual Property Center also conducted special training on patent basic knowledge for Qunfeng Machinery R&D technicians, explaining in detail the basic concepts and characteristics of patents, patent grant conditions, patent application processes and misunderstandings, etc., so that the technicians can Patents have a more comprehensive understanding and understanding.


Patent pre-examiner and Qunfeng Machinery staff training event site (Source: Qunfeng)

Through this cooperation and exchange, the trainees systematically and comprehensively realized the important role of intellectual property. They all said that this cooperation and exchange can improve the awareness and ability of enterprises to prevent and control intellectual property risks, and help enterprises maintain, consolidate and enhance the market position and quality of their products. Competitive advantage plays an important role.

After 6 years of intensive cultivation, the intellectual property layout is accelerating.

The company attaches great importance to and implements long-term development strategies, focuses on the research and development and investment of new technologies and new products, and has industry-leading product research and development and production capabilities. It has developed a series of "supersonic" concrete product equipment, imitation stone floor tile forming machines and other series of industry developments. sexual products. Since the establishment of the intellectual property management system in 2017, Qunfeng Machinery has conscientiously implemented the GB/T 29490-2013 enterprise intellectual property management standards and strengthened corporate intellectual property management in various production and operation links such as management, procurement, production, research and development, and sales. , achieved remarkable results. Up to now, Qunfeng Machinery has a research and development team of more than 100 people, and has obtained more than 300 valid authorized patents (including 52 invention patents). It has won the national-level "Specialized, Special and New" Little Giant Enterprise and the "China Patent Excellence Award" , "China Design Excellence Award" and many other honors.


Qunfeng Machinery won many honors such as the national "Specialized, Special and New" Little Giant Enterprise, "China Patent Excellence Award", "China Appearance Design Excellence Award", etc. (Source: Qunfeng)

Next, Qunfeng Machinery will give full play to its role as a patent pre-examination practice base, improve Qunfeng's business level, consolidate professional skills, and use the honor of "Patent Pre-examination Practice Base" as an opportunity to improve the speed, depth and layout of patent applications and layout. Breadth, innovate the ideas of intellectual property creation, application, management and protection, and empower the development of the machinery and equipment industry with intellectual property protection work.

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