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Qunfeng Appears at Bauma Russia: Become the First Choice of Customers with Innovative Technology and High-quality Service

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According to the Russian News Agency on May 26, the BAUMA CTT Russia Moscow International Construction Machinery Exhibition (BAUMA CTT Russia) was held at the Crocus Center (CRUCOS), the largest exhibition center in Moscow, the capital, from May 23 to 26. This exhibition is the largest international construction machinery exhibition in Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The success of the exhibition is of great significance to the exchanges and cooperation between Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asian countries and China.


Russia Moscow International Construction Machinery Bauma Exhibition Grand Opening (Source: Xinhuanet)

The largest trade fair in Russia after the epidemic

The Bauma Moscow International Construction Machinery Exhibition is the largest professional industry exhibition in Russia, and it is also the best trading platform for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to enter Russia and even Eastern Europe. The exhibition area of the exhibition venue is 55,000 square meters, with nearly 22,726 visitors and 603 exhibitors and brands. As the largest industry exhibition in Eastern Europe after the epidemic, the Bauma exhibition attracted many customers from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and other countries.

The popularity of the exhibition was overwhelming, and many manufacturers went to Russia to participate in the exhibition

Affected by the Russia-Ukraine War, many European and American brands were forced to withdraw from the Russian market, which provided good opportunities for Chinese manufacturers. This time, many Chinese manufacturers sent representatives to participate in the exhibition, covering machining, parts supply, international logistics and other fields. . The opening of the bauma exhibition coincided with the successful production of Qunfeng's customers in the Far East of Russia. Qunfeng's sales and after-sales team arrived in the Far East in advance to ensure the smooth operation of the customer's production and brought the sample bricks of the customer's trial production to the exhibition site, attracting Many Russian customers came to consult, and several customers even placed orders on the spot.


Qunfeng Indoor Booth (Source: Qunfeng)

“For exhibitions of this scale in previous years, the peak number of visitors usually arrives on the second day, but this time it has welcomed many batches of customers from the very beginning, which is really unexpected.” said Qunfeng’s sales representative.


Qunfeng's sales representative gave a detailed introduction to Russian customers (source: Qunfeng)

After ten years of construction, the "Belt and Road" strategy implemented by China since 2013 has realized the remarkable achievement of "Five Links of Development" under the top-level framework of "Six Corridors, Six Roads, Multiple Countries and Multiple Ports".  Since Qunfeng has been deeply involved in Central Asia and Eastern Europe for many years and has a strong brand appeal, many local companies visited the booth in this exhibition. They hope to take this opportunity to have a more comprehensive understanding of Qunfeng's products, purchase equipment, and expand production scale.  At the same time, some Chinese state-owned enterprises that conduct business in the local area also sent representatives to visit the Qunfeng booth. With the further deepening of Sino-Russian trade exchanges, many state-owned enterprises participated in large-scale local infrastructure projects in Russia. This exhibition also gave them concentrated opportunity for inspection.


Qunfeng sales representative gives a detailed introduction to Russian customers (Source: Qunfeng)

In addition, many local buyers from Russia decided to visit Qunfeng's factory to seek cooperation opportunities after learning about Qunfeng's products. They are very interested in the supersonic series intelligent brick machine products launched by Qunfeng. As the flagship product of Qunfeng, the "Supersonic" series of high-end servo brick machines are well-known in the industry for their large production capacity, low energy consumption, and high automation. The exhibitors this time On the premise of retaining the characteristics of the previous generation of products, the "Supersonic" Ultimate Edition has made new upgrades in terms of automation, intelligence, response speed, product quality, brick height control, energy consumption control, etc., such as servo vibration, oil-electric the full servo core system composed of servo and other components is more automatic on the basis of ensuring high efficiency, low noise, and energy saving. It adopts adjustment-free magnetic levitation induction, and the brick height can be automatically and accurately adjusted by setting parameters. At the same time, the series also adopts an automatic mold changing device, which greatly saves the manual adjustment time for manual mold changing.


Supersonic series intelligent brick machine (source: Qunfeng)

Deepening bilateral cooperation between China and Russia is an opportunity and a challenge.

With the continuous escalation of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, many countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia have received sanctions from Western countries. Enterprises in these countries are facing huge difficulties in terms of import and export trade and seeking business opportunities. However, at the same time, due to the withdrawal of European and American brands , many Chinese companies see opportunities to enter related markets. However, due to cultural differences, climate factors, brand inertia and many other factors, how Chinese brands take root in the local market is a new challenge for many companies. With the help of this exhibition, Chinese national brands have emerged in Russia, not only obtained first-hand information, but also better presented their brand image to local customers. As an enterprise with more than 20 years of global experience, Qunfeng will seize this opportunity to provide better services to global customers with excellent product quality and excellent customer service awareness.

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